Ever wonder what tiny creatures live around us that go unseen by the naked eye? Well wonder no more. With a smart phone, a laser pointer, and a few objects you probably have laying around the house, you can discover some truly amazing creatures like this one found in puddle water at the Milwaukee Maker Faire this past weekend. Scroll down to read more about Maker Faire and find directions on how you can try this at home!

The Milwaukee Maker Faire ran for two days this past weekend, September 23rd and 24th, at the State Fair Park’s Wisconsin Exposition Center. Makers, engineers, scientists, and hobbyists all gathered for a giant show-and-tell party, to sell their creations, or even sell chances to make new creations. The Milwaukee Area Science Advocates (MASA) jumped at the chance to participate in this creativity showcase, and offered a simple interactive demonstration of how to build your own digital microscope with your smartphone!

We also used our scope to get up close and personal with some granulated sugar in the kitchen!

The MASA display was simple compared to many other booths, but managed to attract adults and kids alike, reminding us that science doesn’t always have to be complicated. One family attending Maker Faire recognized MASA as the team that put together the March for Science Milwaukee as they stopped to admire the microscope display and learned how to build their own.

We found all kinds of cool critters with our scope, and we can’t wait to hear about what you find, too! When you make your scope, send us your pictures and videos – science should be shared!


Want to give it a try?

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