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Our Mission

Our mission at Milwaukee Area Science Advocates (MASA) is to increase scientific enthusiasm, understanding, and legislative value in the Milwaukee area. We strive to engage the community in evidence-based programs, promote awareness of local scientific affairs, and collaborate with diverse partners to positively influence public opinion in the areas of Science Education, Public Health, and Sustainability.

Our Story

MASA was created out of the March for Science – Milwaukee which was held on April 22nd, 2017 in Downtown Milwaukee. The march was organized locally by hundreds of volunteers and was in coordination with the national march network. Thousands gathered to march for science and show their excitement and enthusiasm for science in our community. We recognized the Milwaukee Area’s desire for community engagement in science and created a non-profit to continue advocating for science in our communities!

Learn more about how MASA began from MASA’s President, Nora Sadik – The March for Science to the Milwaukee Area Science Advocates

Our Programs

Since June of 2017, MASA has been working to increase community engagement in Science Education, Public Health, and Sustainability through the following programs:

  • The Urban Garden Project is empowering urban communities to be sustainable, healthy, and independent with their food choices. Read more here!
  • The Science Alive program provides engaging and inspirational science experiences via hands-on educational activities. Read more here!
  • The new Unleaded program is working to increase awareness and reduce lead exposure by providing information and resources on lead. Read more here!
  • The Original Content program is educating the public about relevant scientific issues, connecting people to the scientific world, and inspiring readers to learn more or take action. Read our latest articles here!
  • The MASA Ambassador program is sharing and inspiring science by engaging, connecting, and building relationships within our community. Get involved here!

Our Volunteers

This movement would go nowhere if it were not for the dozens of volunteers that work to create engaging content, conduct meaningful interactions, and support our volunteers and infrastructure. We are growing, and while our volunteers do amazing work, we are always looking for more motivated people that are willing to give their time and energy in support of science in our community. If you’d like to join our growing team, head on over to the Get Involved page to sign up!

Meet just a few of the extremely hard working people that keep this organization running:

Nora Sadik

President, Director, and Co-Founder

Adrienne Berlin


Brandon Gross


Hannah Miller

Director and Co-Founder

Keith Bankert


Mandi McAlister

Director and Co-Founder

Join us at our next monthly MASA Community Meeting at Full of Beans Cafe! We meet the 3rd Thursday of the month from 7-9pm.

If you’d like to join our growing team, head on over to the Get Involved page and sign up!

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