We are always recruiting for people to help with events, social media, writing, editing, outreach, and more! Just fill out this form if you are interested in volunteering. We also currently have some specific open positions in our organization:

  • Legal Research Manager
  • Executive Assistant
  • Calendar Coordinator
  • Media Relations Coordinator
  • Social Media Editor


Legal Research Manager

The Legal Research Manager is responsible for having an understanding and a base of knowledge regarding legal issues involving MASA. This includes nonprofit bylaws, fundraising laws, event laws and permits, and common laws in general. The Legal Research manager represents Milwaukee Area Science Advocates and not the individuals involved in the organization. Note, the Legal Research Manager for MASA on our leadership team does not need to be a registered attorney.

  • To conduct legal analysis and research on various legal matters for Milwaukee Area Science Advocates.
  • To provide advice on different legal issues and assist in drafting legal opinions, memoranda, bylaws, confidentiality codes, and other briefing documents.
  • To be actively involved in preparing and drafting of different acts and legal submissions.
  • To conduct legal research by utilizing various resources and selecting the relevant material to analyze the legal information
  • Monitor the implementation of the legal clauses
  • Assistance with financials and taxes.

Executive Assistant

The Executive Assistant is responsible for providing professional administrative support to ensure MASA operates in an organized, efficient and professional manner. The Executive Assistant provides the necessary leadership skills to work effectively with leadership (BoD, Managers, and Secretary), volunteers, donors and community members to accomplish the strategic goals of the organization

  • Provides administrative support to the President and Board of Directors as needed, including but not limited to detailed calendar management for all internal organization meetings, expense/annual report filing and record keeping, mail processing (at MEC), invitation coordination, and travel coordination.
  • Coordinates meetings, including attendee management, materials preparation, room set-up and issue resolution.
  • Maintains wide knowledge and understanding of internal organization by assisting the Operations Director in assigning filing systems, creating copies of documents, and updating files and project folders
  • Reviews organization literature and materials, and distribution or filing of materials.
  • Assists with special projects, volunteer training and other general office tasks as needed or assigned.
  • Works closely with administrative assistants to build a cohesive team while exhibiting leadership qualities.
  • Monitors the Contact@milwaukeescience.org email inbox and forwards messages to the corresponding Managers and Directors as needed
  • Other responsibilities and duties as assigned

Contact Nora@milwaukeescience.org if you are interested in being considered for this volunteer position.

Calendar Coordinator

The Calendar Coordinator will receive direction from the Marketing Manager and will research and compile a list of local science education, public health and sustainability events in the Milwaukee area. The Calendar Coordinator will partner with various organization leaders to identify key local events, coordinate event appearances, publish event postings and develop the events calendar strategy.

  • Research and compile a list of local science education, public health and sustainability events in line with MASA’s mission on a weekly basis
  • Publish the events on the organization’s website as a resource for the community
  • Communicate potential outreach events to the Outreach division to coordinate MASA’s community involvement
  • Partner with the Social Media Manager to publish social media postings highlighting community and MASA events

Contact Adrienne@milwaukeescience.org if you are interested in being considered for this volunteer position.

Media Relations Coordinator

The Media Relations Coordinator will receive direction from the Director of Communications and will be responsible for overseeing communications to the media, including preparing articles, press kits, press releases, and other content initiatives. Cultivates and manages relationships with media reps.

  • Research and compile a list of local media contacts, building relationships with local media
  • Assist with coordinating interviews and media appearances
  • Create press releases and media advisories for MASA events and initiatives
  • Advise partnering organizations requesting assistance with press contact and media promotion
  • Detect public relations issues as they emerge and partner with organization leaders to address them
  • Assemble press kits for MASA Focus projects
  • Partner with the Social Media Manager and Managing Editor to publish press releases to the website and social media

Contact Jason@milwaukeescience.org if you are interested in being considered for this volunteer position.

Social Media Editor

The Social Media Editor will receive direction from the Social Media Manager and will work to build and execute a social media strategy to grow engagement with the community.

  • Schedule and post verified external content, original content and promotional content to our platforms in accordance with scheduling guidelines
  • Write and edit copy for shared content such as local events, MASA events, donations, volunteer requests, etc.
  • Monitor incoming messages and comments on Facebook and Twitter, responding as needed
  • Research articles, make suggestions, and review other’s suggested articles for posting

Contact Thiago@milwaukeescience.org if you are interested in being considered for this volunteer position.

The Milwaukee Area Science Advocates (MASA) is a completely volunteer led organization. The only form of compensation for these roles is the satisfaction of knowing you are making a difference in the Milwaukee community.

Manager positions are appointed to 1 year terms, while Director positions are appointed to 2 year terms. Elections will occur at the end of the year for both Director and Manager positions. For more information about elections, contact us at contact@milwaukeescience.org.

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